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Cool Tip: How to capture screenshots on your iPhone

If you’re a blogger, tweeter or regular garden geek, you’ll like this little iPhone tip. It’s not an earth mover, but you will say “Oooo“.

As someone who blogs, but lacks design skills, I find the process of creating images – particularly screenshots (aka screen captures) – to use in my posts a little clunky. I don’t have Photoshop, so I bodge it using trusty old Paint. Results can be a little hit and miss.

That changes with the discovery on my iPhone of the screen capture feature. I found it by accident, after an image of a webpage I’d read earlier appeared in my Photo album. A little bit of digging revealed how my clumsy fingers had stumbled upon this niffy little tool.

Capturing a screen shot

It’s quite simple.

  1. Find the image / webpage you want to screen grab
  2. Hold the ‘home’ button at the base of the iPhone
  3. Press the ‘power/sleep’ on the top of the iPhone
  4. There will be a white ‘flare’ on the screen and an audible click as the image is captured
  5. That’s it! Open the Photo album on your iPhone to locate the image file

You now have a file on your iPhone you can upload to your blog / website or tweet to a friend.

Bonus Tip: If a friend foolishly leaves his iPhone unsecured in your presence, you can always screengrab a copy of his iPhone home screen and set it as Wallpaper. I’m not condoning this childish behaviour, but I’m just saying…

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