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Local Links appearing in PPC ads

Updated 12:52 pm 23/07/09: Apparently the mysterious link is a ‘Adwords Local PlusBox‘. Yeah, I’d never heard to them either. Well apparently they were launched in December 2007, but as none of the search team had seen them before, I’m guess they’re a little under utilised.

Reading the blurb on them, they only appear for companies with ads running in the top position PPC slots. It’s an interesting idea, very useful for local business with a ‘shopfront’, but not so sure in the case of Reed, a web based business with multiple offices nationwide.


I noticed an extra link is appearing in some PPC ads this morning.

A search for the term ‘jobsite’ bought up the search results below. If you look at the second listing, Reed have an extra link in their ad – clicking it opens up a map of their offices from their Local listing.

Has anyone else noticed this on other brands? Is this something Google are trialing? With Reed or randomly selecting ads from brands utilising Local?

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